Give Yourself The Royal Treatment
Weekly 1:1 Marco Polo Consulting

Building a queendom doesn't happen in a vacuum. We need support from women who are in the thick of raising babies, keeping a home and building a profitable business. Marco Polo provides an opportunity for a deep mentorship experience. This is more than marketing consulting. This is connection and support.

For the first time ever outside of my VIP packages, I'm offering 1:1 access five days a week (and probs some weekends too). You get a marketing expert and a personal hype girl in your pocket. You get to ask whatever questions come into your head right when they come into your head. 

We can talk about pricing, positioning, messaging, launch strategy. We can tweak your copy, look at your branding, address stucks, work on balancing your time. You get someone who is going to hold space as you navigate this mompreneur thing and will be a source of encouragement and cheer loudly for your success. 

Whatever it is you need as you build your business and run your home, you will know that you’ve got someone in your pocket who has got your back. 

As a queen, you need a kick 🍑 royal court. Ready to add me to yours?