Let's Reclaim The Woman God Calls Very Good

Ya know that term "rat race?"

Yuck. It just sounds icky. But it's hard to get away from amirite??

For YEARS I bought into the lie that productivity, efficiency and usefulness determined my worth and were the key to fulfillment.

So I raced myself right into a life void of rest, riddled with anxiety and lacking true fulfillment - unless you count the little dopamine hit I got from checking a task off my to-do list.

And once you add kids to the picture, well, that list turns into a hydra. For every task you cross off, AT LEAST two more pop up in its place.

All of a sudden we're staring down a life of endless task management.

Nope. No thank you. I'm out.

The last several months have been a reclamation.

I'm reclaiming the woman God knit together and called very good. I'm done trying to force her to fit a mold that was never made for her.

I'm done racing. Done running away from a fear of never measuring up, and done running after an impossible standard that has more to do with what the world says we should be and less to do with God's original design for his people.

Instead I'm getting curious about what she WAS made for.

If you're curious, too, I invite you to join me on this reclamation.